Meet the team that will usher your audience, make you money and deliver connections and experience to make you and your company even more successful.

And besides our full time team, we have a tribe of consultants who love to work with us and our clients whenever the need arises.  Brand experts, TV producers, designers, web and app developers, media buyers and copywriters.


Jonathon Barbato

Jonathon is the heart of On Purpose. Partially because he created the company and mostly because he cares. His depth of experience is your secret to avoiding mistakes others have made and his powerful relationships put you in good company to succeed. With his authentic, transparent approach Jonathon strives to deliver efficiency and enjoyment all at the same time.


Head of Marketing at MGM; Head of marketing at STARZ Movie Channel; Founder of OnDemand networks (Ripe, Octane, Flow); Launched OTT networks (EDGE, Outdoor Channel/MOTV, Tubi TV); Sent over 250 million people to various videos; Raised over $50 million; Generated over $20 million in revenue; Executive at Sony, Warner, Fox, others; Consulted for over 20 networks, including A&E, Lifetime, Tubi TV, Outdoor Channel, Havoc, Fuel, G4, E!, Hollywood Life, and many, many more.




Amiera Amore

She's the helping hand that gets the work done.  And we suspect you'll be grateful to have her on your team. She is a fashionista and Instagram influencer with a marketing background and inherent genius in identifying and executing on strategies that make millennials stop and pay attention.  A social media maven, she also keeps us on deadline and on purpose.



Linda Abrams

Linda Abrams is an expert in marketing, distributing and monetizing entertainment and video content on all platforms. Abrams has worked over 25 years in television and digital media, with diverse experience running TV distribution marketing at a major cable network (MTV/MTV2), studio (Warner Bros.) and digital/mobile media start-up – Stargreetz, a company she co-founded.



Charles Sommer

Charles leads our New York team of media gurus. He's the secret weapon we’re happy to deploy for you.  He and the team can get you millions of people online and on mobile, hundreds of thousands of people to live-streamed events, and build your  social fanbase or make sure your company rises to the top of any search query.  We can comply to any IAB filters your advertisers demand too.